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What’s on Tap this week, April 30th, 2021 

Goin’ Yard NEW
Our Pilsner is very refreshing, clean, crisp that has a lightly hopped flavor as well. One to indulge during this baseball season!
ABV 4.5%

Our new pilsner adheres to tradition, featuring a crisp and light body with mild bitterness. This will remind you of a classic Czeck lager only dry hopped with Centennial, providing some floral notes and a hint of citrus. 
Dry Hopped Pilsner
ABV 4.5%

Simple Habits
Our Saison-style Farmhouse ale exhibits rich fruity and earthy notes with a great Belgian-yeast body (you'll detect a bit of intentional banana in this one from that yeast). This finishes crisp, slightly tart and fairly dry with a touch of natural spice to make it the perfect summer drink. Pair this with a bit to eat, you can thank me later.
Farmhouse Ale 
ABV: 5.5% 

The Chancellor NEW
Our spin off of The General name, and it’s called The Chancellor.
This is a Kolsch style brew, one that actually originates in Germany. Lighter to medium in body with a soft mouthfeel and a more so straw, golden yellow color. Crisp and refreshing, and definitely crushable. Come and enjoy as fresh as it can get!
Kölsch Style 
ABV: 4.3%

Drought Tolerant V.II 
For those times you need a thirst quencher that's light and crushable, we bring you Drought Tolerant, our Session IPA based on V. I of Drought Tolerant. Here you'll find a crisp fruity hazy body that's lighter and less filling, still bursting with Idaho 7 and Citra on the dry finish
Session IPA 
ABV: 4.8%

Front Porch
Front Porch, our Belgian Style Witbier provides an easy-drinking alternative when you want to sit back (on your porch!) with a cold-one. Its crisp, tangy, subtle citrus sweetness is perfect as an accompaniment to food and for those times when you don't want all the fuss of double-dry-hopping or tart fruit.
Belgian Style Witbier
ABV: 4.7% 

Porch Party NEW
We infused our popular Front Porch with fresh blood oranges for the ultimate citrus beer - the orange provides some sweetness and adds a touch of sour to our crisp, Belgian base. You'll want to enjoy this on our patio while enjoying the late afternoon soon, so refreshing!
ABV: 4.7%

Brown Jug 
Our Vienna Lager has a rich nutty aroma and sweetness enhanced by toasted chocolate malts  providing a new experience for lager lovers. A modification of The General's (our core Lager) recipe, Centennial hops provide balance and some light, smooth bitterness to balance things out - this will be your new favorite, think of the possibilities during Oktoberfest! 
Chocolate Vienna Lager  
ABV: 5.5% 


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